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The distance between Medan Airport and the city center is around 28 kilometers, encircled by several important Indonesian cities. Plan your route to the Medan airport or refer to the suggested routes that are less traveled.

From the city center to the Medan Airport by automobile, take Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan, Jl. Prof. H. M. Yamin and Jl. Letda Sujono to Jl. Tol Belmera in Bantan. Then follow the signs to Jl. Tol Belmera and Jl. Tol Medan - Kuala Namu - Tebing Tinggi to Jl. Bandara Kuala Namu in Kabupaten Deli Serdang. Then, take the Jl. Bandara Kuala Namu exit from Jl. Tol Medan - Kuala Namu - Tebing Tinggi. Driver to Jl. Bandara Kuala Namu then Jl. Kedatangan in Beringin. Finally, continue straight until you reach the signpost for the airport in Medan, then follow the airport instructions.

Due to the availability of numerous public transportation options, traveling to the airport is simple. Another kind of public transportation is the taxi. Call a taxi from the authorized taxi rank outside the terminal rather than from a vehicle advertising its services elsewhere. You can arrange for a cab driver to be there when you arrive.

A few ways to get to the airport include bus services and car rentals. The appeal of hiring a car at Medan Airport is that these airport-approved rental companies offer the most affordable rates. The best option is to rent a car from one of the firms at Medan Airport because they have the most affordable rates.

The National Development Planning Agency lists Medan as one of Indonesia's four major center cities, along with Makassar, Surabaya, and Jakarta. Due to its magnificent cultural architecture and enthralling historical backgrounds, Masjid Raya Al-Mashun Kota Medan, Graha Bunda Maria Annai Velangkanni, Tjong A Fie Mansion, and Maha Vihara Maitreyan are among the top attractions on the list.

Passengers will find it simple and convenient to travel to and from the Medan Airport and explore the city while they are there. The best time of year to visit Medan, Indonesia, is from April to June.

Additionally, all transactions should be made at the airport's ticketing, luggage, and transit desks. Use only their official phone numbers or email addresses to contact them if you want to negotiate and avoid issues with your trip.

Rental Car Service at Medan Airport

At the airport in Medan, a variety of businesses can rent cars. Among the service providers recognized by KNO are Enterprise, International, Alamo, National, Sixt, and Trac-Astra.

Visit the car rental businesses' offices on the ground floor of the airport's Arrivals section to rent a vehicle. Even if you've previously made a reservation for a rental car, go to the company's own desks to make a car reservation.

Follow the signage inside the airport to find car pick-up locations, which are frequently available nearby. Some companies provide a frequent shuttle service connecting the airport and the pick-up site. These shuttle buses carry the establishment's branding to convey to clients and are free to use. Above is a list of all the locations of car rental companies close to Medan Airport.

See all rental car companies at Medan Airport.

Taxis at Medan Airport

At Medan Airport, several authorized taxi companies are operating: Blue Bird Taxi, Express Taxi, Kokapura, Matra, Nice Trans, and Poskopau. To schedule your transfer, call Express Taxi at +62 61 455 2211 or Blue Bird Taxi at +62 61 846 1234. More information about taxis at Medan Airport.

It is suggested that passengers only use approved taxis because they offer controlled prices. Visit the taxi website for more information about each taxi provider's pricing.

Trains at Medan Airport

A train from Medan Airport Station to Medan takes 32 minutes to complete the 28-kilometer route. The Railink-operated Kuala Namu International Airport Station to Medan rail service connects Kuala Namu with Medan. 84 trains typically run each week; however, verify ahead of time as weekend and holiday timetables can occasionally alter. Additional information about train services near Medan Airport.

Buses at Medan Airport

There are various bus lines from the airport to the city center and vice versa. You can travel through Damri, Almasar, ALS, and Paradep, depending on where you are going and where you are going. The price varies according to where you are. Transport by bus typically costs between 40,000 and 100,000 IDR. Further information about buses to and from Medan Airport.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Medan Airport

Many hotels in Medan offer shuttle services to and from the airport to their visitors. If the service is offered, confirm with your accommodation before you come and let them know when you will arrive.

Rideshares​ at Medan Airport

There are two options for ridesharing services: Grab and Go-Jek. Go-Jek originated as an on-demand motorbike-hailing service in Indonesia before growing to include on-demand cars.

Parking Services at Medan Airport

The Medan Airport in Medan provides safe and secure short-term and long-term parking for your vehicle throughout your trip. There are parking spaces for 908 cars, 405 taxis, and 55 buses totaling 50,820 m2. The parking lot is under PT's supervision. Angkasa Pura Solusi. Both during the day and at night, you can park your car. The price varies depending on the parking lot you choose and how long and often you park. Bookings can be made online or in person.

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