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Medan Airport Taxis - Fares, Distances and Where to Find Them

When you arrive at Medan Airport, proceed directly to the baggage claim area. Your luggage will come quickly. If your luggage has a problem, such as lost or broken items, you must notify airport staff.

When traveling, if something needs to be found or if your luggage does not come up on the luggage carousel. If you have lost or found anything while using a baggage carousel, flying, or in transit, including lost luggage. Please speak with the airline's handling agent directly.

If you want to take advantage of the privacy and exclusivity that taxis offer their customers. Taxis are one of the fastest and most convenient ways to get from Medan Airport to the city and its surroundings.

Taxi at Medan Airport

In front of the terminals is a taxi stand accessible to passengers. Through its approved taxi providers, the airport offers various taxi services. The journey takes about 30 minutes via a taxi cab. The main terminal's lower level is where the train station is situated.

Among the authorized taxi companies at Medan Airport are Express Taxi, Blue Bird Taxi, Kokapura, Matra, Nice Trans, and Poskopau. To schedule your transfer, call Express Taxi at +62 61 455 2211 or Blue Bird Taxi at +62 61 846 1234.

Additionally, it is suggested that customers only use authorized taxis because they offer regulated rates. You can trust that the airport provides 24-hour cab service. Before boarding the vehicle, ask the driver and the taxi desk in charge for information about the rate that will be charged.

These are approximate taxi fare estimates from the airport to a specific location. Ask the driver questions before getting in the taxi.

  • KNO to Medan city center is 130,000 IDR in 40 minutes.
  • KNO to Tjong a File Masion is 25,000 IDR in 10 minutes..

There are many services you can choose by taxi provider:

  • Taxi Start (Normal Tariff) rates range from 7,000.00-20,000.00 IDR.
  • Taxi 1 kilometer (Normal Tariff) rates range from 4,000.00-5,000.00 IDR.
  • Taxi 1-hour Waiting (Normal Tariff) rates range from 21,600.00-100,000.00 IDR.

Book your taxi online at Medan Airport for dependable, affordable airport transportation. It is advised to reserve a transfer service in advance to be safe and to hail a taxi as soon as possible. Call a cab from the terminal's designated taxi rank to avoid dealing with taxi drivers who provide services from other locations.

Ask the driver what their rate will be before getting in the car. You can approach the KNO information desk to find a licensed taxi company or call their designated contact number.

To avoid being deceived, passengers should only board metered taxis. Remember that many drivers will decline to use the meter and will instead suggest you haggle. Take another cab in that case, or threaten to have the driver call the police. As a safety tip, pick taxis from reputable locations like malls, shopping centers, and many others.

Hotel Shuttle Services at Medan Airport

Many hotels in Medan offer shuttle services to and from the airport to their visitors. If the service is offered, be sure to ask your lodging in advance and let them know when you plan to arrive. Taxi ranks are situated outside the Arrivals area of the main terminal.

Rideshares at Medan Airport

Grab and Go-Jek are the two options for ridesharing services. In Indonesia, Go-Jek began as an on-demand motorbike-hailing service but has since grown to include on-demand cars.